Estate Tag & Moving Sales

Executors of an estate, people moving to a retirement home, nursing home, moving in-state or out of state, and downsizing are few of the clients that can use us. Basically, any person who needs to sell most of their home’s contents.

Our motto is everything sells but we cannot guarantee that we will sell everything.  In the past, we have sold cars, boats, antiques, furniture, collectibles, tools, appliances, fixtures, bric-a-brac as well items as mundane as open bottles of perfume, ripped linens, used shoes. Repeat — everything sells, but we cannot guarantee that we will sell everything.

We do not sell firearms, medication, or anything prohibited by law.

Our sales are done at the client’s premises and we like to have at least two weeks to stage, advertise and promote the sale. Basically, we can schedule your sale to meet your timetable. 

Is there a minimum amount of items and is there a charge to assess what I have? No and no. Second question first. There is no charge for an evaluation. It’s not the number of items that matter; it’s our assessment of what the price of the items to be sold, their value, the time and effort we need to run the sale. 

What is the procedure and how do you run the sale? Generally speaking, first, we come to your residence. Then evaluate what you have for sale. We come to an agreement on our commission, the dates and time. We present you with a simple worded contract to read over. We take photographs of the items that will be for sale. A week before the sale, we stage your sale. We bring tables, tablecloths, showcases to display small items, clothing racks and the like. We empty all the draws, closets and cabinets. We then price the items.

Many times, we have what we call an after sale. We call clients who couldn’t make it and ask if they’d like to purchase items that are still for sale. We also get in touch with many charities where they will take certain items and give you a tax receipt. You, the client, also can hire us to do a clean out where we bring in a dumpster or truck and take away the items that did not sell or could not be given away.

Yes, we have and had many happy clients over the years that are willing to inform you of their experiences working with Marc’s Unique Antiques Tag & Estate Sales, Inc. See our referrals in the testimonial section.