My Mom recently passed away at 97 years old and had lived in her home 70 years. Needless to say there was a lot of "stuff" that we needed to clean out of the house. A friend suggested we call Marc's Unique Antiques to have an estate sale rather than throwing out my mother's possessions. We thought about this and decided to do the estate sale. We felt if someone would find value and usefulness in my Mom's belongings that would make my family happy. Well, what an interesting and nice experience! Marc and his Associates were so professional , knowledgeable and friendly. They meet with you prior to the sale and look at what you would like to sell. Marc sees things that you wouldn't think one would be interested in to buy but Marc knows his clientele and assures you sometimes the items that you don't think people would want are exactly what sells. The Team is organized and respectful of areas that you don't want people wandering into. They bring tables, they set up jewelry like you were in a store. You basically don't have to do anything, it is all taken care of by Marc and his Associates. Marc has a huge following so he notifies through internet sites and signs and draws the people that are looking for items you may have in your home that are wanted by others. The whole day is very organized. Only 10 people at a time are allowed in your home so there is no maddash of people running around your house.

Mike & Barbara D Glendale, NY

I was at a loss about what to do with my mother's two bedroom apartment, home to our family for 55 years, with all the clothes, furniture and stuff you might expect. A family friend recommended Marc's Unique Antiques. Marc returned my call right away, came over the same day to inspect the apartment and the items we were working with. He and Steve provided a fair estimate of the sale value and cleanout, and gave me a date two weeks away. It was as if all the stress was lifted then and there. When the sale day came, Marc's team came promptly and handled everything professionally and with care and respect. Their network and approach made the sale successful, and the clean-out that followed was prompt, complete and on-time. At each step we were treated with kindness and respect, and the money earned helped cover the cost of the extensive clean-out. My family wholeheartedly recommends Marc's Unique Antiques.

Sara G The Gillen Family

I lost both my parent within six weeks of each other. And being an only child, I was alone, devastated, and completely overwhelmed with my parents’ estate. By word of mouth I was introduced to Marc Schafler, the owner of Marc’s Unique Antiques Tag & Estate Sales. The first day we met I knew I was in excellent hands!  Marc guided us through the whole process during our first meeting and suggested realistic evaluation estimates on the estate. I chose Marc’s Unique Antique because he was professional, kind hearted, and well educated on estates. Marc also did all of the research on his own. I felt that Marc would deal with the estate sale on a very personal basis. The estate sale of my parents’ house was very poignant for me. It was my family home that had been built by my parents and in our family for 68 years, so I was going to be extremely particular about who I would give the estate sale to. Marc is an extremely experienced estate sales agent and I knew he was the right person to sell the items in the home, and take full charge. I even explained the type of audience I would hope for and he totally took this on board and promised he'd find the right buyers. Within six weeks, all of the house and artifacts were sold. Marc efficiently took over and made the estate sale stress free. He kept us fully informed and followed our every instruction. The estate sale went exactly what I'd hoped for and we were very pleased with the outcome, and the funds received. I totally recommend Marc’s Unique Antiques to everyone. Excellent Professional Services! We found Marc as an honest and straightforward professional; a man of his words. There was excellent communication throughout the process. I sincerely recommend Marc’s Unique Antiques.

The Kaplan Family

I was a manager at a law firm and we used Marc’s Unique Antiques for the movement of a truck load of office files from one location to the other during a recent move. Their dedication and quick thinking when things went wrong were extraordinary and they even went as far as storing the boxes at a storage facility for a few days due to building rules. His prices were way below the market and his pleasant and hardworking demeanor went a long way. Due to their hard work, I used him for several personal moves and also recommended him to my present employer, who was extremely pleased with his work and compassion during a very difficult time for cleaning out of an estate. I highly recommend them for their expertise in all aspects of estate sales, moving, and clean outs.

Janet B. Paralegal

To whom it may concern, I hired Marc in January of this year to hold an estate sale at my home that was sold. I would highly recommend Marc and his team for getting the job done right, with the right pricing! His team was very professional and polite with all the buyers coming in and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. 5 Stars!

Peter T

Marc and his team did a fascistic job regarding our families estate sale. He navigated through some extremely delicate family issues and concerns with a high degree of skill. He was fair minded and very professional and I wholeheartedly recommend his firm “Marc's Unique Antiques” to anyone seeking estate liquidation services.

Peter Troncale Lake Success, NY

My estate sale was a huge success! Mark is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He also has great connections with antique dealers and was able to generate significant cash for my most valuable items. Mark and his team worked tirelessly for days, staging and preparing for the sale. Their hard work and expertise certainly paid off.

Allison Woodbury, NY

FIVE STARS TO Marc's Unique Antiques and Estate sale. In April we lost both my husband's parents 13 days apart from covid. This was a very scary and heartbreaking time and we felt lost. I remembered a neighbor of ours had an estate sale the year before and I was drawn to it from the line of people outside their house on a Saturday morning. Being the type of person I am, I just had to see what it was for. I feel it was meant to be. I went over and waited. When I went inside there was Marc and his staff holding an estate sale. We just had to put my mom in the hospital again and thought I might need this for her house one day so I took a card. Thank goodness. I called Marc and he came over our inlaws. He explained thoroughly what the process is and was very patient with us knowing this was a very difficult thing to do with family memories. We called him back two times before we set a date. Marc took pictures of what he knows people are interested in. They do all the advertising and signage. He made sure we understood how these sales work and what if anything was needed from us. A few days before the sale Marc and his wife came to stage the house. On the day of the sale Marc brought his staff in to give them the layout of the house and go over what is being sold. This is important for when the public comes in. I say all this because it is all important. A woman at work hired a company for her mother's home. This other company did not come in to stage anything, they showed up 15 minutes before the estate sale with no knowledge of what was in the home before that date and just started tagging things. She did not know things could have been different since she also has never been through this. This made me so much more grateful for the not only professional but caring way Marc and his staff handled everything from beginning to end in this very difficult time. Marc's contacts and advertising brought in 400 people and we were happy not only for the income but that what our parents worked for and cherished their whole lives is now to be appreciated from someone who will value them also. Thank you Marc

Linda (Wantagh, New York) Designation