About Us

Our Goal, Our Mission, Our Promise is...

To help people in a compassionate and caring manner during life’s many transitions.
To provide a total and easy solution for our clients in their time of need. Our clients are our business and we act accordingly.

MOST IMPORTANT HONESTY: STORY LINE – LITTLE NECK, NY QUEENS ESTATE SALE: A Long Island psychiatrist would hold his practice once a week at his mother’s house in Queens. After the session, he would give his mother the co-pay and keep the money the insurance gave him. We did the estate sale. After the sale, we did the cleanout. During the cleanout, we found this hidden in her closet, the co-pay, the son would give his mom. When someone asks us for a referral, he is one of the many we give out.

Extensive online marketing efforts to ensure the sale of your items is a successful one

  • Professional staff on-site with dedicated responsibilities in each room within your home.
  • We bring all the equipment needed (tables, display cases, clothing racks, whatever Is needed).
  • We evaluate each and every item in your home including items stuffed in closets, crawl spaces, and attics.
  • We insure that all safety measures are taken. We close off and label all areas that might be considered a liability.
  • We are insured to give you added peace of mind when we are in your home.

Our dedication, commitment, proper planning and organization has been one of the biggest contributors to our success.